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Technical Analysis

  • Safety Analysis

  • Nuclear Reactor Component Design and Fabrication – including complete in-house design and fabrication of SMART lab

  • Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Post-Accident Conditions in Nuclear Reactors

  • Experimentation and Testing for Passive Decontamination in Nuclear Reactors

  • Advanced Methodologies and Instrumentation for Measurement and Data Acquisition

  • Expertise with Regulatory Processes

  • Expertise with Techno-Economic Processes: Cost Assessments, Integration of Cost and Schedule, Project and Programmatic Risk Assessments

The Approach:

Dr. Sola Talabi was hired to assist in establishing an advanced risk management program. The program's charter included identification of causes of cost and schedule overruns, documentation of the findings in a user-friendly database and development of a plan of action to prevent issues from recurring.


As a result of this work, the NSSS firm has significantly reduced cost and schedule overruns on the three projects as compared to historical performance. Although the projects are not completed, all major procurements have been made and no significant issues are anticipated.  

Figure R2 Showing nuclear project performance with and without advanced risk

Figure R2: Showing nuclear project performance with and without advanced risk management

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