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Quantification of the Effectiveness of Small Modular Reactor Containment Structures in Decontaminating Aerosolized Radionuclide Particles through Natural Phenomena in Simulated Nuclear Accidents


Purpose:  Develop validation data to support the use of decontamination factors due to natural phenomena

Significance: Available correlations are for LLWRs, SMR-specific correlations must be empirically determined

Benefit: SMR correlations should provide reduced design basis and beyond design basis accident source terms

Project Scope Includes Collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University for the Following Items:


Thermal-Hydraulic Research: Establish theoretical basis for natural decontamination phenomena


Test-Loop Design: Mechanical design of high pressure test vessels and test loop including sampling methods.


Computational Fluid Dynamics: CFD Simulation to optimize the test loop design and establish appropriate correlations.

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