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Assessment of Nuclear Accident-Related Atmospheric Dispersion Methods and Models to Support Establishment of a Scalable Emergency Planning Zone for Small Modular Reactors

Electric Power Research Institute EPRI ANT LR 2016-05

Summary of Research Findings and Gap Assessment of Technical Requirements to Support SMR Emergency Preparedness Framework

Electric Power Research Institute EPRI ANT LR 2016-02

Integrated Pressurized Water Reactor Emergency Planning Technical Support Roadmap

Electric Power Research Institute EPRI ANT LR 2016-03

Exploring expert confidence in cost estimates for nuclear power engineering, procurement and construction projects – a survey of nuclear industry experts 

Int. J. Strategic Engineering Asset Management, Vol. 1, No. 4, 2013 

Advancing Risk Management in Nuclear Power Plant EPC Projects: An Empirical Evaluation of Risk Management Practices on Steam Generator Replacement Projects 

Proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM 2012)

Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2015, pp 545-557

Improving Construction Cost Learning Curves by Implementing Organizational Learning Tools for Risk Identification and Risk Assessment 

Proceedings of the Palisades Conference on Risk Management (2013)

Advancing Risk Management in Large Infrastructure Projects

Proceedings of the Third International Engineering Systems Symposium Design and Governance in Engineering Systems

Improving Nuclear Power Plant Construction Learning Curves 

Proceedings of the Society for Risk Analysis Annual Conference (2013)

Advancing Risk Analysis in Nuclear Power Plant EPC Projects 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Small Modular Reactors Symposium in Washington DC (2011)

A Novel Objective-based Approach to Nuclear Power Plant EPC Risk Management by Adoption of the Value-Focused Thinking and Mental Model Methods - An Empirical Evaluation with Nuclear Power Plant Projects

American Society of Mechanical Engineers – International Conference on Nuclear Energy, California (2012)

Advanced Nuclear Technology: Integrated Pressurized Water Reactor (iPWR) Containment Aerosol Deposition Behavior Phase 2a: Technical Basis and Test Plan for Experimental Testing and Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis.

Electric Power Research Institute (2018).


Quantification of Decontamination Factors for Small Modular Reactors – Findings from Empirical Studies.

ANS Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference, San Francisco, CA (2018).

New Discoveries in Post-Accident Passive Decontamination of Advanced Reactors.

ANS Winter Meeting & Expo, Orlando, FL (2018).


Sensitivity of Thermal-Hydraulic Parameters to Aerosol Removal Mechanisms in Integrated Small Modular Reactors.

ANS Winter Meeting & Expo, Orlando, FL (2018).


Risk and regulatory considerations for small modular reactor emergency planning zones based on passive decontamination potential.

Energy (2019).



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